Scientific Conference "Can we say no?"

Publicated on: January 6, 2012

Date of event: May 15, 2012, Tuesday, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Location: Holocaust Documentation Centre
1094 Budapest, Páva street 39

The scientific conference would be organised in honour of the centennial of the birth of Raoul Wallenberg and of the moral courage of Count János Esterházy. 70 years ago it was on this day that Count János Esterházy was the only person in the Slovak parliament to vote against the deportation of the Jews.

The purpose of the conference is to examine moral opposition in our region through the examples of Raoul Wallenberg, Count János Esterházy and other persons, who fought terror and all forms of physical or intellectual violence with exceptional moral force in the Holocaust era. Special attention will be given at the conference to rescuers in the Carpathian Basin, who after the German occupation, at the time of the fullest persecution, gave up their jobs, reported ill, impeded in any way the inhumane regime, the ghettoization, infringements on lawful rights, and violence against their persecuted compatriots. At the scientific conference it would also be worthwhile to recall the example and the deeds of those who after 1945 countered the scapegoating mechanisms, the expansion of the Stalinist dictatorship, stood for the rights of minorities, and against further forced relocation of populations from or to the country. As an outlook, the members of the conference could survey contemporary phenomena in case of which we should say no today as well.

The material of the conference will be used in an abridged version in teacher training, further education, as well as for school education and pedagogy.